Thursday, April 9, 2015

Stacking up good decisions

This morning (or yesterday morning, at this point) after strength training at the gym, I stopped at CVS to get cereal and milk for the girls. As i approached the checkout lane I noticed my favorite of all Easter candies--Cadbury eggs--on sale for .49. 

The oozy deliciousness that I left in a bin with 1000 of its other friends 

"Go ahead and get one. Get a few. 170 calories? You can swing one on days you run. Well yeah, you could, but is that how you want to fuel your run? Awww, but they taste so good! C'mon! Just a taste?! Ok just get ONE. Nah dude. Reward yourself NEXT YEAR if you want. You know what they taste like. Keep it moving."

And I won the battle. And I felt so good about it...however at lunch while running errands with a co-worker, I realized that even if won that victory, I'd have to constantly do this for now, until making good choices become a standard habit for me.

So here I am, stacking up little victories. I wish it came easier to me, but since it apparently doesn't and since wishing gets me nowhere, I'll knock this mountain down piece by piece.

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