Sunday, October 26, 2008

Run #92 Gargoyle Gallop 8K Race Report

Date: October 26 at 9am
Place: 63rd Street Beach House, up north and back
Mileage: 4.97 miles (I hate to be all like, "well my Garmin said..."
Time It Took: 1:02:31 yeah, that terrible, whether it was 4.97 miles or 5.04, which is what my old lady (Garmin) said.
Pace: 12:34
Miles This Week: 7.97
Miles This Month: 27.64
2008 Total: 516.54

Thought/Comments: ran crappily, about as crappily as I felt. I've been feeling kinda "eh" most of the week, and since I'm not training for anything, I decided to just allow myself the extra sleep. Didn't seem to make a bit of difference today, still feel like "eh", now on the downswing to eeww, as I lie here on the couch and type this. the only bright spot was the end, this girl tried to pass me, and I sped up and dusted much as one can "dust" someone in an 8K past the hour mark. BLECH!

Old school race, no chip time, just calling out the time when you finish, not counting the time it took you to start. I know my place by now, and started in the back. Granted, it was probably only a 7 to 10 second difference.

Anyway....there it is. Not pretty, but completed.


Freedom Runner said...

Just finishing is a great accomplishment. :o) Especially if you are feeling blaaaahhhhhhhh.

Where is this Gargoyle Gallop? I love 8ks and I have never heard of this one.

RBR said...

Gargoyle Gallop! What a great race name. Still great to do the race. Running doesn't have to be about time and pace.

Go out and run for you and because you can. Any day running is better than a day where you choose to not do something good for yourself.

Be nice to Lindy she is a pretty great person! ;o)

Summer said...

I admire that you still got out and did it. on my 'blah' days I sometimes don't even make it out the door, and you did. good job lindy, on your end kick!