Sunday, July 20, 2008

Run #69 Fleet Feet Women's 5K/10K

Date/Time: July 20th at 7:30am
Place: Montrose Harbor-lakefront; 70’s
Mileage: 3.1 miles (5K)
Time It Took: 35:11 (unofficial)
Pace: 11:33 (unofficial)
Miles this week: 5.21
Miles this month: 6.96
2008 Goal: 413.93/1000 miles

Thoughts/Comments: Well HOWDY DOODY, my first race in a good long while! Let me report back as I sit here icing my knee. So um..for awhile yesterday I actually contemplated on running the 10K…but decided I’d better just stick to the 5K. As I was running today I was nearly embarrassed that I even thought about the 10K! I’m feeling so out of shape from the lack of running. I stopped to walk 3 times, sipping on my Gatorade. Sigh. But I didn’t feel terrible, and what’s more important, the knee felt fine, so that’s good. 3 weeks from today is the half marathon. I don’t know if it’s feasible that I can run it, but since it’s run by John Bingham, the Penguin himself, I can surely WALK what I can’t run. And other than my bruised ego, that shouldn’t hurt. We’ll see. My coach with my training group (that I haven’t run with since 6/14) says that if I can get a 10-miler in by the weekend before, I should be ok.

Today I met up with this cool chic named Robin, I know her from my college days at University of Illinois…we got in touch thru this cool alumni networking site that got started to encourage more people to attend this big African American alumni celebration…anyway, it was her first chip-timed race, and the half marathon will be her first half. YAY for her, she did a good job. She’s a penguin like me, so we were comfortable comparing running notes, so to speak.

Well that’s all folks!

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Lou said...

Yay Lindy! I'm so glad that you comfortably completed this race. You're back on the road to Chicago 26.2!