Monday, June 4, 2012

The Color Run "5K" Race Report

Note the quotes. This was supposed to be a 5K run...but it DAMN sure wasn't any 3.1 miles. Couldn't have been, although I didn't have Ye Olde Garmin on to tell me if my instincts were right. But I know it wasn't. And not because I was having so much fun that it just zoomed by. Quite the contrary. I mean, don't get me wrong. It was totally fun, but I was TRASHED. TRASHED!!!! Not from a night of boys and boozing, but at least 12 hours on my feet on Friday for cookie orders, and about 3 hours of sleep. UGH! I was so tired, my head was pounding, etc...and knowing that once I finished up, I still had to go back and package 240 cookie favors and deliver them by midday. (complain, I'm not really complaining. It's just what happens sometimes when three worlds collide: The full time job - the dream job - the rest of my life.) I must have stopped like every 1/4 mile to walk. I was running with someone from Black Girls Run! Chicago, and I know she was probably like wth?! She's cool though. So all that tired-ness plus some real irregular, inadequate running.

Anyway...the pictures are pretty freakin awesome.

Some of the ladies from Black Girls Run! Chicago

Yours Truly.

Yellow. Here's where it just got inSANE.

Photo Credit: Zoe, Age 6

Photo Credit: Same 6 year old.

FUN TIMES. So...marathon training begins NOW.

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