Monday, July 20, 2009

Race Report: Fleet Feet Women's Festival 5K/10K

Sunday July 19, 2009

So this is my third year in a row running this event, and I really like it. A bunch of cool running chics, the best race shirt every year, nice sponsors and the lakefront. What more can a girl ask for? Now last week, my faithful blog readers may recall that I planned on running the 5K. But since my 12 mile long run the day before turned into a 10 mile run, I had a light bulb moment and realized I could make up those 2 miles (and then some) by opting for the longer haul.

And though my mind protested as I walked over to the same-day registration table, I did it anyway.

So after the obligatory pep talk from the overly excited emcee who was probably an annoying cheerleader in high know the this jibber jabber went on for awhile. I moved away from this and visited some of the sponsor booths. Tried a watermelon falvored Luna Chew and it was go-o-o-o-od! (Ok, I admit...I took two more after the first one.) There was a short line for stretches for some sports training facility with a long name that isn't Athletico (my fave type of joint that has an easy name to remember.) So I had someone stretch out my legs and I felt better already.

Cue the star spangled banner that sounded like a version you might have heard when the last tv show ended for the night, way too majestic for the occasion. (Wow, remember when tv stations used to, like, "go off" at night? That sounds weird saying that, now.)

And we're off. My hubby's cousin was excitedly running her first race ever, and doing the 10K too. While we run in the mornings together, we don't actually run TOGETHER, and so we did the same this day...started off together and soon split up. Fine by me, b/c my ipod was probably going to be my only saving grace.

Mile 1
Legs: Are you crazy??? Didn't you just run 10 miles yesterday?
Mind: Shut up! Get with the program.
Legs: Oh I hate these pseudo hills (really just slight incline) in our otherwise flat city.
Mind: Oh I hate these pseudo hills (really just slight incline) in our otherwise flat city.

Mile 2
Mind: an aid station at 1.5 miles? Aww, that's cute.
Legs: (Keep running!)
Legs: There's the turn off point for the 10K up ahead. You could turn off with the 5K and end this misery now!
Mind: What would be more embarrasing than finishing with the 5K, but being registered now for the 10K, and for a quick moment, being mistaken as finishing in the top 10 or 20 runners for the 10K? Keep going, slacker!

Mile 3
Legs: Let's walk through all the other aid stations. Good strategy.
Mind: I concur. (and there were quite a few for just a 10K. Five, I think? Walked through all but that first one.)
Legs: I hate running. Don't you hate running? You suck! What are you doing out here?
Mind: You suck! Why do you do this to yourself?

Mile 4
Legs: Just going through the motions.
Mind: Can You Feel it...Can you feel it...can you feel it?! (Singing along-not out loud-to my ipod)
Mind: Hey legs, you've been quiet. Everything ok?
Legs: Chillin!

Mile 5
Legs: (on auto-pilot)
Mind: You suck! You hate this, why are you out here? At least I'm not the slowest...the biggest...the only one wearing running PANTS...

Mile 6
Legs: We're ok! We're doing it!
Mind: Hey, we're ok! We're doing it! And I don't feel like walking, I just feel like getting it done!
Mind: There's the finish line ahead! Wow! That was easy!

1:14:52, 12:03 pace which is not bad for having run 10 miles the day before. (I mean, for me at least.) But seriously? All this negative thinking is REALLY taxing. I don't know what to do about it. I mean, I think these things even while listening to music.

Any suggestions?


Roisin said...

Yeah baby! I was hoping you'd kick some butt...glad to hear you didn't let me down ;)

WADDLER26.2 said...

Great job!

mrjwhit~ said...

You did a great job, Lindy. Thanks for sharing.