Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Run #60 Beverly Area Planning Assoc.'s Ridge Run 5K (or 10K if you're so inclined)

Date/Time: May 26th at 9:30am
Place: in the Beverly neighborhood, far south side, 70 degrees and 80% humidity ; I don't know how people in humid places ever run. It sucks.
Mileage: 3.1
Time It Took: 36:24 (official time)
Pace: 11:44
Miles this week: 3.1
Miles this month: 63.88
2008 Goal: 377.57/1000 miles

Thoughts/Comments: Oh man, I should have looked at the weather report before leaving the house! I was HOT. Steamy. And though I had on a short sleeve shirt, I had on long black running pants...I could've worn my capris or even shorts. It stormed all night and I guess the humidity stuck around. In a rare scene, I hit BOTH water tables during this 5K, and walked thru them. Afterwards, my friend Annah and I, who ran a 9:44 pace, guzzled two bottles of water, got some bananas and oranges, etc... sorry, not feeling chatty, just getting my race report in. It's been a long day. (Posted originally on ep last night.)


Lou said...

Um... we are people in humid places. ;)

Lindy said...

Humid compared to Las Vegas, yes. Humid compared to Orlando, only on occassional days.