Sunday, May 25, 2008

Run #54 Y-Me Race to Empower 5K Race Report

Date/Time: May 11th at 8am
Place: Downtown Chicago in Grant Park (mid 40's, windy, and pouring down rain)
Mileage 3.1
Time It Took: 34:59
Pace: 11:17 (unofficial, no chip time)
-[jhgxwtil;/ KH knc (Courtesty of Zoe)
Miles this week: 3.1--It's been a nice break!
Miles this month: 29.55
2008 Goal: 343.24

Thoughts/Comments: It was cold and rainy and I was super stiff. My shins were hurting and I was just glad to get that first run done! Weird thing was that they didn't have any kind of finish line. I didn't even care, It was just pouring. Everyone just kinda stopped, and oh, we must be done, there's people with some bagels.

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY. I'm going to get showered and dressed, get the girls ready, head to church, and then get ready to cash in on getting whatever I want for the remainder of the day. HAHAHA yeah right, wish it worked that way.

p.s. The Y-Me organization announced today that they are "re-branding". They have a new name, which is long and hard to remember. Hmm.

I'm re-branding too. I"m on Day 3 of no diet pepsi. I feel lke I"ve lost a friend. No more random trips to Walgreens "Oh, I need to pick up.... when really all I want is a cold 20 ounce." Sigh.

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