Sunday, March 1, 2015

run/walk #12

Total: 3 miles; 39:10; Pace 13:04; did a run walk ration of .5 run/.25 walk  to 2.25 miles, but then instead of another .25 walk/.5 run/.25 walk to finish it out at 3 miles, I walked a full .5, then ran another .5. My legs were TIRED. Though only 15 seconds difference from yesterday, it felt way worse. I'm sure it also had something to do with my sporadic running this season, combined with only about 13 hours down time from yesterday's run. 

4 weeks from today is the unofficial kickoff of the Chicago Running Season--the Shamrock Shuffle (8k). Yes, that's right. NOT on St. Patrick's Day or even a smidgen close. I've ranted on this in the past.

Miles this month: 3

Miles this year: 45.8 miles

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