Sunday, March 1, 2015

run/walk #11

Yesterday, 2/28/15
Total: 3 miles; 38:55; Pace 12:58; did a run walk ration of .5 run/.25 walk for 3 miles. Gonna aim to stick with this ratio for a bit til I pull it together. I felt like I could go further, which is the whole point. Run/walk to be able to go further. Will do this method thru the end of April at minimum, culminating in my 1st half marathon of the season. Time to get it crackin...shoulda been that time awhile ago, but oh well. Hence, the commitment to run/walk for now. My nutritionist said (in a nutshell) stop bullshitting, you know that within reason you can jump into a training program a few weeks in. Don't thrown in the towel two months out when you could be getting yourself in gear. Don't wait to start!

Miles this month: 19.3 (time to move those legs!)

Miles this year: 42.8 miles

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