Thursday, January 1, 2015

run #131 (last run of 2014)

How much: 1.71

How long: 19:45 (pace 11:31)

When: 9am-ish, 12/31/14

December miles: 3.71 (#shameful!)

Total 2014 miles: 566.36

After some strength training, which I have managed to somewhat maintain through the month, I ran 1 mile at a 12:00 pace, then did a tabata of :15/:30 (rest/fast). My fast started out at 6.1mph and topped out at 7.1mph. I felt faint afterwards--which is kinda the point with tabatas. 

On to 2015. Do you really wanna hear about goals and stuff for the new year? Meh. Maybe on a different post.

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