Saturday, December 13, 2014

21 hours

My day started 21 hours ago. Here's what I've been doing since 4am on Friday 12/12/14:

-woke up
-took load of school uniforms to the laundry room to wash
-decorated "thank you" cookies
-picked up Kid 1 from her dad (he takes Kid 2 to her school when he has them overnight, I take Kid 1 to her school everyday bc its a mile from my job...)
-took kid to southside for her student matinee performance of The Nutcracker
-raced back to the West Loop to work and conducted a webinar
-raced back to the southside to pick up Kid 1
-took Kid 1 back to school
-went back to work
-sat in on 2nd webinar conducted by my colleague 
-left work for the day
-picked up Kid 1 from school
-ran errand to Michael's Craft Store
-went to post office and shipped thank you cookies
-went back to southside
-stopped at two different sandwich places bc Kid 1 and I have two different ideas on what makes for a good sandwich
-got call from Kid 2 who was with her dad. Good news, she won her class spelling bee and is on to represent her class at the school wide spelling bee.
-hustled Kid 1 into performance hall
-after she was in her leotard, did her makeup
-volunteered in dressing rooms and backstage, helping the "Chinese Dance Corps dancers put on uniforms, took them backstage, watched them perform, helped them take outfits off
-found former co-worker who'd bought tix
-took Jada to her friends
-made a new friend with a stray kitten who kept following me out into the street 
-had a quick bite to eat with former co-worker
-drove home
-baked/decorated 36 bridal shower cookie favors.

And here I am!


Good night

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