Thursday, January 1, 2015

Thursday 13

13. So I did this on the leg press earlier this week:
Yes! 300 pounds! I'm super excited about that and can't wait to see what 2015 brings. If I must admit, I felt like a total badass!

12. I "belong" to a very loosely organized running group. And by belong, I mean I follow their facebook page. One chick posted about Shamrock Shuffle and asked if there was any "bling" (medal) at the race.

11. You see that??? That's what happens when you start giving out medals for 5K/10K races. People start expecting it for all races. Isn't the achievement of running/finishing enough for you? Sigh.

10. Speaking of running, I've been soooooo lazy lately. Time to get back to it. (Maybe if they gave medals out...)

9. Seriously though, time to get crackin: Shamrock Shuffle 3/29 (or something like that. It's listed on the side of my blog.) then the Illinois half marathon at my alma mater. 

8. Speaking of blogging about running, I do realize that I've said very little for much of this year. I'm not making any specific resolutions, but I'll write more.

7. I was telling BB that I get tired of always being back in the same place, struggling with weight and running. What he said made a lot of sense...that maybe people identify with that. Maybe they WANT to read that. 

6. He's awesome. Here's us bringing in the New Year.

5. So before the rest of my year end bonus at work for snatched up by car repairs, I spent some money on myself and went to meet with a dietician. 

4. She's not just ANY dietician, she gets the importance of nutrtion and running. More importantly, she knows endurance running/training through and through. I feel like that's important to me. I once had a doctor tell me to eat 1200 calories a day. "Even when I'm running 12 miles?" With a deadpan stare she said need to lose weight. While I get it, I knew SHE didn't get it.

3. I won't name her specifically here, but homegirl is a TRUE badass on the triathlon circuit, including ironman competitions. Thus, she "gets" my crazy. She gets why 1200 calories is not necessarily a sufficient approach when trying to sustain training for longer distances. Anyway, I'll probably write more about my experiences with her as I go along. (In fact, I'll tell you about my first visit with her in another post real all . Honestly, I'd wanted to tell you all earlier. I'd mapped out in my head a post when I scheduled the appointment, and when that didn't happen, I was sure gonna write later that night after my initial consultation.)

2. So far I'm only scheduled for half marathons this year.

1. For now.

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