Saturday, November 1, 2014

Saturday 7

NYC Marathon Expo

7. Bigger, but not better. Way crowded. Huge inspiring signs. Impressive looking location at Jacob Javitz Center. And maybe this is as equally as impressive for Chicago...except that I'm used to it. I drive by McCormick Place all the time. Meh.

6. The sponsoring Asics store with nyc gear was huge. HUGE. Way huger that any sponsor store I've seen before. And people were buying things up like crazy.

5. Not all women runners wear XS. Or small. Or medium, for that matter. 

4. "Oh I'll just buy Gu at the expo." So in Chicago, you can't walk 10 steps without another vendor selling Gu. This is not the case in NYC. One Gu table (actually the company itself) and one Powergel table. But I found the Gu table only as I was about to leave.  (I was also seriously gonna buy a new Moving Comfort sports bra. Nada.)

3. After looking at NYC marathon-themed shirts by asics, adidas, north face and brooks, I finally bought the brooks one (I'll add in a pic later...I'm still in bed) it's super cute.

2. I shoulda got that North Face hoodie! If nothing else, it was 20% off, which is unheard of for them. And it was this pretty blue-ish color.

1. Tomorrow's the big day. I'm nervous because I've run just a few times since Chicago, knees still hurting. I ran earlier this week (didn't post it here.) but I'll be there on that bridge tomorrow for that last wave start at 10:55am!

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