Monday, September 1, 2014

run #112


How much: 10 (ran/walked 6, walked the rest)
How long: 2:39:05 (15:55)
Where: lakefront south (museum to McCormick Place and back)
When: 12pmish/84 degrees and rising 
August miles: 104
Total 2014 miles: 452.4

Go a very late start, as my home phone is out of order and that is non-negotiable when the girls are at home. At minimum, I need for them to be able to reach me and vice versa. So...had to wait until I dropped them off with their dad.

Upon starting I kept thinking, it's mid 80's, I'll find a lakefront breeze along the way, it'll be ok. This wasn't the case, and quite frankly, the sun is my kryptonite.

2 miles in I was dizzy even at a 12:00 pace. I slowed down and did a run/walk. I thought about turning back at 3 miles. You're doing a step back week anyway (because that's what I'm going to do--go evey other week as I approach 20 miles) just do the 6 miles you need to hit your 100 miles. No! Just do the 10 miles, which was already knocked down from the 12 I'd been considering. What's the worst that can happen? You can walk it back if you have to. (I've always said this but never totally done this.)

At 5 miles I found myself along side McCormick Place in some shade. I stretched, drank a ton of water, and took my time.

I shuffled back into my stride, heading south back towards the Museum of Science and Industry. At 6 miles I thought I'd be happy. 100 miles!! Yay! Only I wasn't. I was embarrassed at how this run was going. I fel like crap, the sun was beating down on me zapping my strength. Soon after, I began walking.

And that whole "in the worst case scenario I can walk the rest?" Yeah...I didn't feel like doing anything but stopping. 

I hate to sound so negative. I was really hoping that after a series of not-so-great long runs, that I would end August with a strong shorter long run, ya know?

Toasty day out there. Just about every runner I passed looked a bit wild-eyed.

Post run, I should have noticed the signs.  It took me about an hour to get back to the far Northside. I opted to just get my trip the store done then as opposed to showering and going back out. I threw on a t-shirt I had in the car and glanced in the mirror:
-lips completely white and crusty, like Dave Chappelle playing the crackhead crusty white (google/YouTube it)
-thirsty (a DUH!)

I went into the store to buy my ingredients for Sunday dinner that I planned to cook for BB. Self: "you should by something to drink." Cheap Self: "you'll be home soon, stop always having to buy extra stuff."

So I ignored my thirst and kept moving in the store, feeling slightly lethargic.  Still thirsty, I finally get home and it's like 5pm, nearly 2 hours since I ran, stretched and sipped on the remaining refills of water in my fuel belt while driving north. I drank when I got home, showered and got to cooking. In hindsight, given the amount of heat and sweat, I simply didn't drink enough throughout the evening. Then late at night they hit. Those blinding pain "my whole leg is about to twist right off" cramps. Several in a row. I guess I underestimated the heat and thought "it's only 10 miles and I walked a huge chunk of them.

Next week: 19 miles. Hafta figure out what day, because it won't be Saturday.

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