Saturday, August 30, 2014

And so it goes

Next week (Tuesday) is the girls' first day of school, and the bus arrives at the bus stop at 6:38 am. That's early! That means the girls will be getting up before dawn, and my midweek runs? Earlier than that. Likely 5am for sure. And as the sun takes its time each morning to conquer the horizon, I too will have to adjust. Evening runs aren't a great idea bc unlike summer, there's homework to be checked, dinner to get on the table, and getting the cycle going to do it all over again in the morning. So, dark runs it is. I used to have a reflective neon yellow vest from when I was a pace leader for CES Winter Warriors...I'll see if I can find that. 

But then there's this little diddy that I picked up today:
 At first I scooped the cute pink one, but then that seemed kinda stupid. I mean, if someone wants to attack me, they could come up from behind, see the mace in its obvious pink and grab it off of me, and THEN what?! I mean, I'm sure this is all highly unlikely, but in being as overly cautious as possible, it just seems silly to say "Hey, here's my mace!" Or I suppose maybe it IS good because it says "you betta not mess with ME!" Overthinking? Ahh, welcome to my private hell.

Whatever. Got the black, and spent the next 20 minutes explaining to the girls why I wouldn't "just spray it once" on them/in their eyes/on their tongue. Hopefully they understand. These are the same girls, however, who've shaved their eyebrows because they wanted to see what happened, or one who took a razor AFTER the first lesson was learned and attempted to shave above her lip because she didn't like the fine facial hair she saw and cut her lip. :-/ But hopefully they won't do anything stupid.

Do any of you run with something like this?

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