Monday, September 1, 2014

August Recap + moving forward

I've spent a lot of time this month lamenting on the quality of my long runs. It's too hot. I'm too tired. Did I eat right? My shoes were pretty old. Blah blah blah. A lot of noise. But honestly, I just know I can do better. I did ramp up in miles way too quickly which explains my ongoing calf pain and I'm only now at a decent number of training miles. I've said to a few people "I wish I had another month," but the fact is I don't. 

But the glimmer of hope? I ramped up! I did the miles I needed to do. I didn't skip runs even though i was hurting and sore--okay just one shorter midweek run.

So what now? Well nothing. Keep going. I trust that I'll get at least decent long runs in...I only have 2 really long ones left (19 and 20 miles) before the big taper. 

And in my head I've already started telling myself omg I can't wait til November when I don't have to run. But the truth is, the only way I'm gonna improve is consistency. I might not be training once November 2 comes and goes, but I want to come out of the winter months improved. My eating is FINALLY getting on point. My strength training is getting on point. If I maintain a decent level of running fitness, I can have that running success I had in 2012 when I was 20-25 pounds lighter, and I believe I can do better than those running performances. I absolutely do believe that with those other elements in place-eating and strength training. 

The choice is mine. I can "start over" and play catch up every late winter/early or spring, or I can be the runner I say I am all year round. I think I choose the latter. It just feels better.

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