Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The axis of evil, part 2

Ok so a few posts ago I wrote about the INSANE cracker aisle at my favorite grocery store. I went there on lunch today, and I had a little time to kill as they grilled my salmon for me.

Yes! Mariano's will allow you to buy your serving of meat and they will grill it right there on the spot, no extra charge included, no tipping allowed. They will season it however you want, or if you're clueless, they will tell you what goes best. DeLISH!!! Only drawback? It's crazy crowded during the lunch hour. I took lunch at 1:30 so a non issue for me. Anyhoo, they told me to come back in about 10 minutes so I did some shopping for broccoli and a few other things, and wandered past "the axis of evil" also known as the cracker aisle.

Lemme take a longer look at just the Triscuit section alone (excuse a few stragglers in here from other brands):


What the ????

I counted 24 different types of Triscuits. TWENTY FOUR!!! Don't believe me? Ok, well here goes:

Mini Size
-original Triscuit minis

Thin crisps
-Parmesan garlic
-cinnamon sugar
-sour cream and chive
-wasabi and soy sauce

Brown rice Triscuits
-sweet potatoes & sea salt
-Roasted sweet onion
-Roasted red pepper
-Sea salt and black pepper
-Tomato and sweet basil

Regular Triscuits
-Hint of salt
-Rosemary and olive oil
-Roasted garlic
-Garden herb
-Cracked pepper and olive oil
-Rye with caraway seeds
-Reduced fat
-Fire roasted tomato and olive oil
-Dill, sea salt and olive oil

Family size
-Reduced fat
-Cracked pepper and olive oil

I'm stunned too.

And an entire box clocks in at 1000+ calories a box? Yikes.

I can't get down with crackers anymore. They're too tasty, I eat too many, it flips my "munch switch" to on/autopilot.

Triscuits are gangster, they rule the cracker aisle. Who knew? Honestly, i prefer a traditional saltine to anything...but geez.


I bet those cinnamon sugar ones are pretty good, though.

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