Friday, August 15, 2014

run #104

How much: 8
How long: 1:36:38 (12:05 pace)
Where: lakefront
When: 5:50 am/55 degrees (another gift from the weather gods)
August miles: 58
Total 2014 miles: 406.4

Decided to do my "long run" (step back week) this morning while I didn't have the girls, but had to cut my 10 miles down to 8 so that I could get home and get ready--work required a trip to Madison, WI . I got a late start because my blasted Garmin was acting like there wasn't a satellite in sight. In fact, I'd run a block+ before noticing it wasn't tracking distance at first. Grrrr

All in all it was a good run. As usual for my long runs, I walked a bit at the end of each mile starting at 1.5mi.

So my day that started at 5am just ended when I finally got back home at about at 9pm. Long day. Girls are back.

Find of the day: blue diamond almonds, habanero BBQ flavor. Whaaaaat these suckas are good. #gasstationvittles #newfavoritesnack #hashtaggingonmyblogisunnecessary #hibob

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