Friday, August 15, 2014

Revamping the lunch hour

It's Friday! Well sort's after midnight so yeah, it's Friday, and I just realized I did something that I honestly don't think I've done for YEARS. For the entire week, I did not go out to lunch ONCE at work. Now some of you might be all like "Um....and?!?!?" But I LOVE going out to eat. I love eating! I have always held fast to the theory that if I must be forced to work (really Lindy?) at the very least I should be allowed to treat myself to eating out. I sometimes joke that because I was born at 12:24pm (during the lunch hour) I am predispositioned to love lunchtime. Did somebody say lunch? I'm UP!!! Let's go! Even if it's to get outta my chair for 20 minutes, I'm outta there.

But this week I decided to try something different and try eating very deliberately for my running (I'll explain in a later post). Ya see, lunch for me often goes down like this:

Internal voice at 11:30: I'm hungry!
I.V. at 12:00: You should go get food.
I.V. at 1:12: OMGggggggg! I'm so hungry, that looks good, and so does that, snarf snarf snarf snarf

But this week I:
-packed and carried my lunch (which is commendable on transit)
-stocked my desk/fridge at work with snacks and stuff
-ate according to plan
-didn't spend one dime on lunch or snacks other than the groceries I bought on Sunday

I even brought my little handheld blender thingy to work, y'all! It's stashed away in my bottom desk drawer like an old lady might do. The lady that I would look at in disbelief in my 20's and think "does this chick think she's at home or something?"

Anyway, all of this is HUGE for me. Ok, I'm done patting myself on the back. I'll tell you about this whole eating plan in another post.

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