Friday, August 29, 2014

run #111

How much: 3
How long: 34:45 (11:35 pace)
Where: neighborhood 
When: 7am/69 degrees
August miles: 94
Total 2014 miles: 442.4

Exhausted! Not from running, but life! Although I slept decently last night (got about 7 hours minus being up from about 4 to 5am) but the entire night before was dreadful (3 hours sleep) and a full day of stress: trying to keep my girls and their 3 rowdy cousins preoccupied while I finished the last nervous prep for teaching my first class as an adjunct lecturer at a university, and a few other things. Yes! Somebody thinks I got something to teach some folks. Anyway...I was working hard and ate some steel cut oats at about 9am, and then didn't eat again until close to 10pm, crackers and a hardboiled egg. 

Thus, exhausted while running.

I drop these rowdy ass cousins off today and then all will be good. I will eat better, too.

6 miles to go until the century mark!  Woo hoo!!

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