Sunday, July 20, 2014

run #91

How much: 13
How long: 2:48:23 (12:57 pace)
Where: neighborhood +
When: 7am/68 degrees (76 when finished)
July miles: 53.10
Total 2014 miles: 336.10

This was a test, this was only a test.

I had trouble sleeping last night, same as the night before, and I realized it's because I'm anticipating a pretty stressful week with 2 RFPs (proposals)--a necessary evil in the nonprofit world. One of them we just agreed to do last week and it involves putting together a partnership with an out-of-state agency that we've never worked with before, but we've wanted to. It's huge! But I'm nervous and I'm running the process. So anyway...struggling to sleep, which is not a good way to go into the work week. OR a long run. I've also been having stomach issues this weekend--and let's just leave it at that for now.

I finally dozed off sometime around 2am. At some point I recalled hearing a bunch of beeping and weird noises from the kitchen. My Garmin. Wth?! But I was finally too sleepy to care--and it was plugged in so no worries.

5am alarm goes off--it's GO TIME!! Looked at my phone. Wait whaaaaaat? It wasn't actually plugged in all the way. 13%?!? Need my phone so the girls can call or vice versa. And for music of course. Plugged it in.

So what was all that beeping anyway. I go to get it and it's blank. Touch the buttons...nothing. Plug it in and out. Nada. :-|

Since I have time to kill while my phone charges up, I start looking all over the internet. In a nutshell, the battery is dead, and no, you can't just go down to your local walgreen's and buy a lithium battery. There's a funky battery you have to order that's expensive, and then the changing of it on a YouTube video is hella complicated and not recommended. You have to solder it and in the comments you read how people burn their hands, how it doesn't always work right, blah blah blah. And for my case, all this for a half broken Garmin that won't update via software (and hasn't since 2010)?

Phone at 50%. (iPhones charge slower when you're waiting for them--there must be research somewhere to prove that.)

So then I started googling the different Garmin versions. Will need a new one before I get too much higher in miles.

Finally out the door at 7am (I swear it took forEVER to charge.)

I decided to use my SportsTracker app and try super hard not to look at the mileage time (which I really do for my long runs) because that is what drains the battery down big time. Wasn't sure I'd be able to get in all my miles. And mind you, with 3 hours of sleep, all of this rigamarole had me ├╝ber-frustrated and angry.

For the first 10 miles I stayed true to my 3-5 block radius from home because of the girls. For some reason, numerous people crossed my path today with smiles, fists in the air, and other niceties that really helped me a lot. I walked a bit after every mile, and more frequently towards the end. Had GU at mile 5 and 9. No dead rodents but this might be worse: a little baby raccoon!

That second GU made my stomach issues pop back up and I was feeling pretty gross for a bit. Would I have to stop because of this? Must. Get. In. My. Miles.

Around Mile 10 I couldn't bear the thought of another neighborhood double-loop, and since Jada was up (she woke up before I left) I gave in and headed to the lakefront. Got there at about 10.5miles, turned around at 11.5 so that I'd finish up right around CVS.

BB called right as it was about to turn around because of course I should have been done long before then. His voice was like an oasis in the desert, I was losing faith. Talked for a minute and kept going.

So tired now. Chafing on my right arm, from the sleeveless edge rubbing against it weirdly.

And now: off to solve my Garmin problem, I suppose. After a tiny nap.

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