Sunday, July 20, 2014

foam roll: trust the process

A week or so ago I paid attention to one of the CARA (Chicago Area Runners Association) emails I get about once a week. Free foam roller clinic, Friday during the lunch hour? At an FFC gym about 4 blocks from the gig? Count me in. In an effort to "do better" with my running, anything that will help relieve sore muscles is worth a try.

I went, determined to not let work take up this important appointment. (It was hard, I'm the queen of canceling meetings during 'RFP season.')

We each got a foam roller straight out of the delivery box, and they ran us through a series of movements. They started with the hardest one first-IT band. I was literally near tears. The rest seemed ok. The quad and booty exercise felt wonderful on my rested body. They said "try to do these every day, and start with 30 seconds per movement, working up to 2 minutes." I have nothing to lose.

At the end of the session I chose to buy my foam roller. (I think I was the only one who did.)

Fast forward to today: post 13-mile run. I rolled out my quads and I do believe I broke out into speaking in tongues for a second and my vision went dark--the deep tissue pain.

I'm just gonna trust the process, and we'll see what happens.

p.s. That FFC club is definitely how the other half lives.

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