Wednesday, July 2, 2014

run #81

How much: 5
How long: 1:00:19 (pace 12:04)
Where: neighborhood to lakefront
When: 5:25am/63 degrees 79% humidity
July miles: 8
Total 2014 miles: 291.00

The girls are with their dad, so I ran to the lakefront and ended back in the neighborhood at CVS where I got a Gatorade. I was SO thirsty in this run, stopping at 4 water fountains. Each time I drank I thought about the fact that the city was forced to let gallons and gallons of raw sewage into the lake when it stormed so bad the other night, and hoped that despite the swim bans, drinking water had not been compromised. Eww. As a planner I know too much about city water/wastewater systems. But I do know they take extra precautions for drinking water, also. It's probably fine.

My time above (1:00:19) includes these water fountain visits and a short stint (up to that pole over there) of walking when I turned to head back north.

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