Saturday, June 28, 2014

run/walk #78

How much: 10
How long: 2:20:13 (pace 14:01)
Where: neighborhood
When: 6am/75 degrees and 86%humidty
June miles: 47.37
Total 2014 miles: 282.00

I knew within the first mile this run would be tough. I looked down at my Garmin knowing I was pushing too hard and I'd see a pace in the 11:00's or maybe 10:00's. But nope! Ye Olde Garmin said 12:30. Whaaaaaat?! Scale it back, you have 10 miles of this and your perceived effort is high even if your pace isn't.

Did lots of run/walking. Downed 32 ounces of Gatorade--which included a refill (going back inside) and probably the only plus side of going around and around the same few blocks so that I could be close to home for my sleeping girls.

Had 32 ounces of water behind the tire of my car, and refilled that too and drank another half of that. You'd think I'd have been waterlogged, but I sweated so much it didn't matter.

Per "dead rodents spotted while running, count #3"...good lord the flies were disgusting, and on the last go 'round I nearly got sick.

The heat/humidity got to me and I've been feeling the slight but noticeable effects all day (headache, disconnected/hazy feeling, loss of appetite), so I'm just taking care to drink more and nearly having to force myself to eat. It's 4:45pm and I've had about 2/3 of a bottle of muscle milk, and a 6-ounce grilled salmon fillet. And Gatorade, tea and water. Might have me some tacos once I get home, and then it's me, the tv and the couch.

This too shall pass, as my body gets used to summer running for another season.

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