Friday, June 27, 2014

flip the switch

"If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you." Coach Jenny Hadfield (@coachjenny)

As I think about fitting in my runs this week when I just didn't feel like it, and the upcoming logistical issues of this weekend's long run, I am reminded by this quote. I need to memorize it. Stamp it in my mind, and add it to my short list of running mantras.

Sometimes you just gotta move those legs. They'll remember. They'll get back into the flow sooner or later. You will eventually be back to running double digit miles without hesitation. Come August, relief'll set in when your step back week features a long run of "only 12 miles."

But to get there, you gotta do the work. It's coming.

When BB and I first reconnected I remember him saying how much he was impressed (maybe not the exact word) by how driven I was. I shrugged. I was in the zone at the time. Anyone can do it. 18 miles? No long as you respect the distance, you GOT this.

But to get there, you gotta do the work. It's coming. I can feel it.

This is it. True, the marathon (ok...marathonS...I've been in denial) are 15 and 18 weeks away, but the time is now to put in the solid midweek runs and not slack up on ramping up long run mileage because you've got more than 3 months. Hell no!

The time is now. And while I struggled to get things back in order at the end of May and first week+ in June after moving, I feel almost "on" now. It's like a light switch that's sorta in that midway position, and I'm about to flip it all the way on.

I might drag somedays, but I'll run. I might have the girls this weekend and need to do 10 miles. And I will do what it takes to get it done while sticking close to home (3-5 block radius at all times--longer runs I go a bit past 3 blocks in one neighborhood loop.)

Flip the switch!

When I look back over my training logs (blogs and logs), it's those more difficult runs that really prove how deep you can dig. That flip the switch into "auto mode." It was never the easy ones that made me who I am as a runner.

So when you flip the switch...You're a machine now, you knock out the miles that you're supposed to without question. It doesn't mean it's all easy, it just means you're going to do what you have to do to get your training in. Period. It's not negotiable. You've flipped the switch and you are now in marathon mode. But you only get there by running. Eating decently. (I'm really aiming to get this right, not running so I can eat, but eating so I can run.) sleeping enough. (Ok it's 2am. Sue me.) Strength and/or cross training.

It's those 16 mile runs in the driving rain. Running 13 miles on the treadmill because it's -10 outside. Running in 98 degrees. Running even though you're tired. Running 10 miles within a 3 block radius from your house because your kids are still too young to be left at home for hours and you aren't within a hop skip and a jump away if/when they call. Character building runs and a persistent schedule.

Flip the switch. You're almost there. It's marathon training season.

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