Thursday, June 12, 2014

run #69

How much: 3
How long: 35:08 (pace 11:43)
Where: neighborhood
When: 5:40/59 degrees and misting
June miles: 5
Total 2014 miles: 239.63

Still so exhausted, still getting up way too early for work stuff. Whew. But anyway, got another weekday run done.

Bonus: my "dead rat by unfortunate death" count while running is now up to 2!


What is that red spot on the street?....blood/mass of fur/bits and pieces underneath the tire of a parked SUV...with the telltale TAIL sticking out. Ran on the other side of the street on my second lap.

Dead rat count: 2
By vehicle: 1
By bike: 1

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