Saturday, June 14, 2014

run #70

How much: 5
How long: 1:00:50 (pace 12:10)
Where: neighborhood
When: 5:35am/56 degrees
June miles: 10
Total 2014 miles: 244.63

This run couldn't have sucked any more. I've been sleeping poorly since last week and woke up at 3:33 on the dot today. I ate foolishly yesterday (Big Mac minus one meat patty for breakfast, frozen yogurt for lunch and a box of hot tamales candy for dinner.) all within my calorie range, but a ginormous "f you" to running nutrition. Or anybody's nutrition, for that matter. I walked a bit. And what this time doesn't show is a 3-minute pause. I sat down on the curb (SAT DOWN ON THE CURB!!?!?) and told myself that no matter how funky I felt, I was doing 5 miles whether I liked it or not.

On a positive note there was absolutely no evidence of that dead rat. And my last mile was great.

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