Wednesday, May 14, 2014

run #60

How much: 9
How long: 1:53:22 (12:36 pace)
Where: home to lakefront
When: 6pm/ 48 degrees
May miles: 30.41
Total 2014 miles: 208.63

Started off great. Had to calm my mind down at first. Threw on some classical music (Tchaikovsky) and that did the trick. Stopped for water (fountains are ALL on now) starting in mile 3.

Also around this time I noticed my sports bra was feeling funny. I tried to figure out the problem and felt the telltale burn when my hands touched me back. CHAFING.

I turned around at 4.5 miles and felt really tired. At 5 miles I took a gu. And then around 6 I started to run/walk. 4:1 ratio at first, and then 4:2 after about 7 miles.

Just cover the distance. Right? (That's what Hal Higdon says is most important.) And really, mentally going into the Soldier Field 10-mile race with 9 miles under my belt rather than 8 will do me good. I've had less time to ramp up for this race than I would like, but I'm here now. around 7 miles it started to rain. I was closer to the lake, and the wind picked up. The lake is east, and you could see the nighttime rolling in. By the time I got back to the street (for about 1.3 miles left) it was dark and super windy--ok gusts of wind.

Stretched for close to 10 minutes, showered, silently screamed when the water hit my chafing on the middle of my back. And that was that.

I'll enter my mile splits tomorrow sometime. I'm ok with 12:36 for today. I will get faster later as I get more distance under my belt.

Mile 1: 11:46
Mile 2: 11:51
Mile 3: 12:17
Mile 4: 12:14
Mile 5: 12:23
Mile 6: 12:34
Mile 7: 13:29
Mile 8: 13:46
Mile 9: 13:06

Hmmm I can see my water breaks, then my run/walk, and then my longer walk increments. I look forward ton improving this after this race/manufactured deadline has passed.

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