Tuesday, May 13, 2014

run #59

How much: 2
How long: 21:48 (pace 10:54)
Where: neighborhood
When: 6:10am/68 degrees & 86% humidity (ugh!)
May miles: 21.41
Total 2014 miles: 199.63

Where have I been, you ask? Surely I forgot to post my long run? Nope. Missed it due to lack of sleep over the week, which was due to crazy work deadlines, followed by weekend cookie deadlines.

Anyway, today's run was one part run, one part storm damange survey. One large branch missed my car by a few feet. A tree was blocking the cross street just north of me. The wind was so fast and furious and whipping through the alley like a wind tunnel last night. Of course, every trash bin (filled bc it's garbage day) was strewn about the alley this morning.

Pretty amazing, that Mother Nature. (I shoulda took a pic of the tree blocking the street.)

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