Monday, May 12, 2014


Growing up, I loved tulips. Probably because my mom had them on the side of the house. But as I got older I was never a flower kind of girl...roses? Eh.

But I am a sucker for wildflowers, and less traditional flowers. When I have the occasion to buy flowers, I go to my favorite little market in Wicker Park (a Chicago neighborhood) called Olivia's. They have the most beautiful and unique selection of flowers shipped in from all over, and you can mix and match. They're not cheap, but they are well worth the extra dollars to say "may you enjoy this little spot of beauty brought to you by Mother Nature." I might not ever make it to somewhere that I can see a lotus pod growing in the wild, but I can definitely enjoy the beauty of one.

Gerbera daisy (forever a favorite); lotus pod and thistles. Plus two girls. (The flowers looked better when they were carefully laid out in the white paper and kraft-brown raffia, but oh well.)

Flowers from my garden...yes, I grew these beauties a few years ago when I had a little plot in my yard. It is the only thing I miss about that place.

Right in the middle of the city! There's the Hancock building off in the distance. In Chicago's Lincoln Park.

I used to pass a beautiful flower bed on my way to work everyday in my hometown, suburban Aurora. At the end of the summer one year it occurred to me how much I appreciated them so I sent an anonymous card to the homeowner thanking them for caring enough to brighten the day of passers-by like myself.

There's a house across the street that has a beautiful bed of flowers too. I think I will write them a note this year if the flowers make their return.

It might sound cheesy, and I'm not super religious...but with all the ugliness in the world, to me flowers are God's reminder that there is still beauty in the world.

The garden at work.

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