Saturday, April 5, 2014

this week in fitbit obsessing...

So I've briefly talked about my fitbit...and while I've worn it regularly (read: everyday) since the day I got it on 12/30 (thanks BB!) I have really gotten into it lately. My goal since day 1 has been 10,000 steps a day. At first I would basically hit it on days I went to the gym. But then I realized that if I was a bit more deliberate, I could usually fit in 10,000 steps by:
-walking girls to school bus and coming back home before going to work
-taking mini breaks at work to walk downstairs or something
-weather permitting, going for a walk at work (though I'm still dealing with "Self, you don't have to spend money just bc you walk somewhere.")

The addition of several friends whose step counts secretly challenge me also keep me on the move.

A few weeks ago I realized I simply hasn't been doing all I could do. Tracking my food on the app during the week while winging it on the weekends. Not getting enough steps in. And certain weekends I laid around like a bump on a log. (OMG I'm turning into my mother, that is totally her phrase.)

So I've made it a point to move more. And track EVERYTHING. Rationale (besides the obvious "that's what you put in your mouth, dipshit!") is that regardless of whether i log or not, my results will still be the same. Better to have a true representation of inputs and results than letting shame provide a dishonest report-back. And the honesty does get me to stop when needed.

And sheesh! Those fireball and rumchata drinks add up quick. ;)

But anyway...I've been encouraged in seeing a few new trends:

#1 I find myself filling up/naturally stopping instead of eating on autopilot for things I used to snarf down

#2 Weekends w/o the girls tend to be more social. On the occasion that I eat a bit over my targeted calories, I am super-pleased to report that my total calories burned are still well over my caloric intake. Hooray! (My setting is for a daily reduction of like 750 calories or something like that.)

#3 I'm currently 19 days straight for 10,000 steps. For me, that's great! Many of those days have been notably higher than 10,000.

So today (yesterday now) I was severely lacking on steps. Didn't have time to walk as much at work. And while I went downtown for lunch (taking the train), my actual steps to/from the train were less than what i would normally do at lunchtime. So I picked up Z from the school bus stop (J was gone to a bday party) and in 30-degree April weather I said "hey wanna walk down to the store? And maybe Subway?" And off we went. It even snowed on us.

Just steps from home, Ye Olde Fitbit buzzed on my arm. Mission accomplished.

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