Friday, April 25, 2014

run/walk #52

How much: 4
How long: 50:01 (pace 12:30)
Where: lakefront at Montrose heading south
When: 1pm
April miles: 50.5
Total 2014 miles: 178.22

Weird how you re-learn running lessons you once learned but forgot about. Like the one about over-dressing: you should be cool (maybe even chilly) if you're not running, because once you start running you'll heat up real quick. With temps in the mid- to upper 50's at the lakefront, my long sleeves were too much. Despite rolling up my sleeves, that and my pants had me envious of better dressed runners.

First two miles were fine, then got tired/hot/thirsty/annoyed when I realized not every water fountain was on. Switched to a run/walk.

Whatevs, Chicago Park District. Whatevs. Turn them shits on!!!

Anyway... Haven't been south much on the path this year so far, so I hadn't yet seen the Belmont tunnel where the path splits off.

Brought to you by "Hug Chicago," some semi pro baseball team that plays in a really old ballpark, and Alderman Tom Tunney.

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