Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Run/walk #44

How much: 4 (ran 2)
How long: 57:47 (ran 24:00)
Where: LA Fitness/Evanston
When: 7pm
April miles: 23
Total 2014 miles: 150.72

Felt terrible. Walked the first mile, right calf very sore (possibly bc I'd done legs + shoulders strength training before my run). Ran a mile, and instead of doing the planned 2 straight, I split that sucker up wih another mile walk. I barely finished the last mile run. I was and still am beat.

Oh well, I shall live to run another day. I think I'm just tired. Maybe I'll take the day off from running/walking tomorrow since I've run or walked Saturday/Sunday/Monday and now today. I tend to tell myself that I'm not running a lot (miles-wise) so I don't need a rest break. I suppose i should rest regardless, my body is still getting used to the miles ramp-up, I suppose.

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