Monday, April 7, 2014

Run #42

How much: 4
How long: 49:35 (pace 12:24)
Where: neighborhood
When: 10:30am (yesterday)
April miles: 15
Total 2014 miles: 142.72

A few walking breaks during my 4 miles. Had the girls so I stayed close to home on sidewalks, which my legs aren't a fan of all that much.

I didn't feel great or spectacular or euphoric for having run 4 miles the first time this year. But I completed it--and that's enough to be happy about! Then I went home and stretched for a long time and iced my knees, but my knees were kinda sore all day.

"It gets easier." Repeat as necessary.

I "screenshotted" this tweet from John Bingham last week or so for runs that leave me with that "less than inspired" feeling:

Recovery-wise, my legs feel fine this morning, and that, my friends, means I'm definitely doing things right.

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