Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Biggest Loser Season 15: Houston, We Have A Problem

**** S P O I L E R A L E R T ****

Wow. Um.....the fact that NBC isn't really putting up shots of what went down tonight says a lot, except for a few random far away shots.

You knew it was bound to happen sooner or later, and sometimes people lose a ton, and when you see them again a year or so later, they settled back in to a more manageable weight a few pounds back up the scale. No biggie. It's become part of the game.

But when season favorite Rachel, who was cheered on by millions as we watched her uncover the inner former athlete, comes out looking less like the triathlete winner we saw last week--after a few months at home--and we see THIS?!?!

What the h---?!?!?!?!?? Her legs looked crazily strong. But her gaunt face and spindly arms were scary.

The non-smiling OMGs and halfhearted claps from Bob and Jillian said it all. (And look at Tanya in the background.)

And RADIO SILENCE on Bob and Jillian's normally chatty twitter accounts thus far.

At 5'4" she started at 260, lost 155 pounds to land at 105. I googled her height (which was TRENDING on google at that point) and found she is 5'4". According to this weight chart, she's underweight. I don't even know what to else to say about her. On a positive note, her legs looked great. Aside from her other looks, she stumbled up the stairs to the scale (could be nerves), and when CLEARLY the math indicated she won, she appeared very confused until Allison hugged her and told her she won. (Could be nerves.) Zero trainers came to congratulate her. I hope NBC speaks out on this. If they don't, it will confirm that belief I bet a lot of us have...NBC cares very little about their health.

(EDITING NOTE: I realize these pics show up small when I post from my phone--I'll fix them on my laptop later.)

Ok...all this negativity! I'm not a total wet blanket. Here are the other finalists:



The "at-home" contestants were awesome too. Winner Tumi took home the $100K prize, deservedly so.

That's a bad chick right there! And Craig and Marie looked fantastic too.

Just blown away though by the other stuff. Various blogs are blowing UP about this.


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