Monday, February 3, 2014

A rough start

I was reminded today that just because you have a rough start, it doesn't mean you're destined for a rough ending. That's your own choice.

Today started off with curve balls. I dropped the ball in getting someone to their destination on time. And I got a flat tire. And a racist jerk treated us poorly at a gas station--lied dead in our faces about something we watched him do. And at first I was determined to have a bad day. Nevermind I'd taken the day off for a doctor appointment, I didn't feel like going anymore. Forget the gym, I was supposed to go before the doctor, but the tire snafu fixed that notion. I'd go home and just hide away from the day.

But why be like that? You know you need to go to the doctor anyway. You KNOW you need to work out. So I went to the doctor. Ran the errands I'd planned on. I'm going to the gym after my daughter's dance class even if it wasn't in my earlier plans to be out later this evening. Just because the day started off different than I had planned doesn't mean I have to let it ruin my mood.

And really, this notion of not letting a rough start determine your middle and end is applicable in other ways. Like a rough start to your training program. Or even on race day. Ever had a race morning where everything seemed to go wrong? Don't let all that get in your head and ruin the race!

And likewise in life. So your "beginnings" in life weren't like everyone else. And? Why should that define you? You define you.

YOU define you.

All that from a flat tire and a missed train. #lifelessons #mymindisrambling

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