Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My legs...

...are pretty sore tonight. Prett-tayyyyy Prett-tayyyyyy sore (in my best Larry David impersonation.) I've pushed them to new limits today (er, yesterday).

6 months from now hopefully I will see what I'm looking for...they're already strong and at my best weight I liked to look down while I'm running and see the power of my legs on the "up-stride" of my step. But I want more.

I'm not exactly sure the look that I'm going for because i haven't actually seen my legs in prime condition (less weight AND super toned/strong), and of course there are some things (like my knees and calves) that may not give me the exact look I'm looking for right we'll see. I will keep looking for photos, but here are some yes's and no's:


Um, NO.

Sure, this works

Ah, no. Absolutely not.

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