Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thursday Thirteen

13. I’m going to do a triathlon this year. Haven’t registered just yet, but I will be doing the Esprit de She triathlon in Naperville on June 8. First one. YES, IT’S MY FIRST TRIATHLON!!!!!

12. I ran the ‘inaugural’ Esprit de She 5K last July when it was like 90-something degrees in the evening. Because of that participation, I get a special “founding finisher” EXTRA t-shirt for this year’s participation in any event. Holla HOLLA! These are Athleta shirts we’re talking about, not some garbage shirts. I got that for the 2014 5K registration, and then I think I get a special bib for the tri…whatevs, as long as 1 extra shirt is in the mix, I’m good.

11. The tri is a sprint distance:

SWIM: .75k (1/2 mile or 750 meters)

BIKE: 22.8k (14.2 miles)

RUN: 5k (c’mon now people)

10. There are two things that make me nervous. Ok three. 1) Navigating the transitions; 2) The swim; 3) and Dear God, how I will look in the SWIM GEAR.

9. I’ve been picturing what I will look like in something like THIS every time I think about snarfing on some chips or something. For right now, that’s keeping the kids goodies and my raging sweet tooth at bay. I don't hafta look exactly like this, but this is basically the gear seen at these events. I don't want to be the sloppy, slow chick in the droopy clothes. Slow? Been there, done that. Sloppy and droopy? NO.

8. BB got me a FitBit Force and I’ve been using that. It’s pretty cool. It tracks my steps, stairs, activity level, sleep patterns, etc. And there is a great app that goes with it that I use to track my calorie intake. I’ve used the food tracker almost every day since I’ve had it. I will definitely blog more about this later as Fitbit and I get more acquainted.

7. I find weekends the hardest to track. I didn’t track last Saturday and Sunday for my food.

6. There is a scale that you can get to sync up with your Fitbit. I am on the fence about that. It’s expensive enough that I didn’t just go buy one. I think I would be very obsessive, and I already freak out at how the scale moves, even though I know that my weight can range by as much as 3 or 4 pounds from morning to night (water weight; clothes; etc); and at ‘that” time of the month it skyrockets (water retention). But yet I still freak out for a minute. I dunno. If I were not me, and I was a betting person on the outside looking in, I would bet that I’d break down and get it. But for now I’m saying no.

5. I’m pretty psyched about being able to do a decent plank. Or is it plural? Or active like “planking?” Whatever. I’m up to a minute. At the end of my 30-day ab challenge it gets me to two minutes. I found another challenge that gets you to the point of being able to plank for 5 minutes. FIVE minutes. Sounds absurd now, but I believe I will do it.

4. I noticed, in coming back to work yesterday after having been away since 12/20, that I drink WAYYYYYY more when sitting at my desk. I drink a lot of unsweetened tea, and not very strong tea at that. It’s practically water. I’m on “jug” #2 today, each jug being 64 ounces.

3. Speaking of work…when I moved last year, I left my treadmill at the house because my new place is kinda small. Eventually I came and got it, but folks at work were talking about setting up a gym in the basement or something. Seemed like a cool place to leave it. But then HR stepped in with liability concerns, so it’s just sitting there. I think I’m going to see about moving it to my apartment. I doubt I’d really be able to run on it because that would annoy my neighbor to no end…but maybe walking would be ok? I’m going to investigate noiseproofing treadmills, as well as how much it would cost to move it from one zip code to another. After moving it this last time with a few co-workers, I already know I’d rather pay someone. That thing is a BEAST.

2. I have really enjoyed my extra walking that I’m doing. That’s kinda why I was thinking it might be cool to have it at home. Again…my place is small, I’m not sure if this even makes sense. Thinking, thinking, thinking.

1. My knees hurt today. There’s no way around it. I simply have to ice and stretch. And lose at least SOME of this extra weight.

And I will.

I mean…i AM.

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