Tuesday, January 28, 2014

This or That

Over the weekend on a trip to the store, my youngest begged to make brownies when passing by the "baking supplies" aisle in the store. I said yes. When we were making the brownies I casually looked at the nutritional information and was shocked not so much at the 160 calories, but THAT THE BOX MADE 20 SERVINGS! TWENTY SERVINGS FROM A 13x9 PAN?! That's TINY.

So the question is, what's going to satisfy you more for 160 calories?


...or that?

It's all about the choices we make...every day we get choices on what to eat, whether or not to work out, and if we do, what we do and the level of intensity. Success at this game means making good choices regularly. On days I'm not working out, my little calories are pretty friggin precious. Especially when I'm locked in the house with two kids because it's super cold and school is closed and every few hours they're wanting food. I dunno, this kinda hit home with me. And I'm not ever gonna say no to sweets. But if the reason I'm reaching for this brownie is because I'm hungry, that's a bad idea...if it's just for a taste of chocolate, I suppose that's ok.

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