Sunday, January 26, 2014

Run #12

How much: 2.93
How long: 37:42
Where: LA Fitness treadmill/Rogers Park
When: midday
January miles: 37.44

So as I contemplated on my previous post, I decided to get in a run today, for fear of not getting out in this extreme cold tomorrow. I went to the gym closest to my place--haven't been there in over a year--when I first moved in. I guess I might have said something like "I'll never go back to this POS gym again." And by POS I don't mean "point of sale."

Anyway. I thought the Kids Klub (sigh) was open til 2 for some reason. Nope. 1pm. And I'd arrived a few minutes before 1. Well dang. But lucky for me, these two kids are not only portable but somewhat self contained, self entertainment units. Lobby couch + kindles = mama gon' get her workout in.

Treadmill 1: so after realizing the first AND second treadmill I got on were broken (and this doesn't even include the 3 with signs on them that were also broken,) I finally got going with a half mile warm-up. Felt a little wobbly, but whatever, right?

And then when I started to run, the whole thing was shaking and wobbly. Wth?! It felt like the treadmill was on top of a cord or something. I almost tripped. It started making me feel nauseous, but there were no other treadmills open.

Treadmill 2: great, someone finished, so I grabbed theirs. Felt a little off, not like the run I had on Friday. Decided to walk again after a mile.

I guess every run won't always be easy.

Ah well.

I also got all confused with my total mileage having been on two different treadmills and not possessing the ability to run and do simple math at the same time, hence the odd "2.93." Oh well.

I shall live to run another day. Iced my knee when I got home from the Armageddon scene in the grocery store parking lot, and then stretched.

Walk .5 8:30
Ran .14
Ran 1
Walk .2
Ran .99 (?)
Walk .1


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