Saturday, January 11, 2014

Run #5

How much: 2 (plus .58 cooldown)
How long: 24:08 (plus 10 minutes)
Where: LA Fitness treadmill/Hyde Park
When: About 7:10pm (1/10/14)

After huge traffic tie-ups in getting kid #1 to her next ballet performance auditions (and sitting in 90 minutes of traffic with shoes completely soaked to the bone), kid #2 and I made our way to this old raggedy club that probably was nice back in 1985. But because it's a veritable shithole, it's never crowded, so hey. Give and take.

I finally peeled of my socks, dried off my water-wrinkled feet and got to work. I am SO glad that I had the good sense not to wear my running shoes there, because that means I woulda been running in wet shoes/socks.

Strength training first-shoulders and legs, then my run.

My right knee is still sore, and due to time constraints (had to pick up kid #1 at 8) I didn't warm up. My knee protested but I finally felt comfortable after awhile. At 1.15 miles I walked for .10, but "made up" the time with 5.1 and 5.2mph stints after. Through the whole run I told myself "this gets easier." And from experience I know that it does. The archaic treadmills have a countdown timer which mentally works for me. "Only 11 minutes left? I can do that."

After the run I did a 10-min cooldown, went and put my boots on (that luckily I had stashed in my car earlier this week) and we got outta there.

It's getting easier. Slowly but surely.

p.s. For my ab challenge back at home I did 100 crunches, 45 leg lifts (they are the devil, I tell ya), and a 65-second plank.

I'm tired but feeling good about the work I've put in this week, combined with thoughtful, deliberate eating. Something has clicked, and while very much a no duh/no brainer, what you put in (fuel) determines what you put out (performance.)

For as long as I can remember, I eat because I run. "Oh I ran 5 miles today, I can eat that." (That 1000 calorie hunk of homemade 5-cheese macaroni and cheese. Really Lindy?)

But what will happen if I eat, SO I can run?

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