Sunday, January 26, 2014

That choices/planning my gym trips thing again...

(What's with the middle of the night posting? And if you're BB, or Meg or Lou the other day, those middle of the night emails--if you're peepin' the time stamps?! Oh I dunno...tomorrow's Sunday, I'll make up for it.) remember awhile ago when I posted about how in order to get my workouts in (during my 24-week strength training challenge that I successfully completed) that I write down all of the days/nights that I have the opportunity to get to the gym? I did this at the beginning of each week. At the time, I would write them down, but now I kind of just mentally plan my week.

And it's gotten way easier to fit them in as my confidence and strength has grown.

But as I sit here seeing another brutally cold forecast for Monday and Tuesday, days in which everyone in my neighborhood apparently bring their @$$e$ straight home and parking spots are slim pickings after about 5:30 or 6:00, coupled by the fact that wind chills of -30 never ever feel good on a sweaty me...well it has me contemplating my schedule this week.

I won't have the girls next weekend so it's not about getting them in, but my last workout was Friday. I don't wanna wait til Wednesday, do I, to hop back on that treadmill?

The raggedy gym in the Rogers Park neighborhood has Kids Klub (spellcheck activated) hours on Sunday. But it's like stepping into a 1980s health club. I imagine people only go here because they have no car and they live next door.

And lately I've wondered just what the heck would the staff do at LA Fitness heaven (evanston suburban location--who don't have Sunday KK hours) if I just had the girls sit with their kindles on the little couches while I got in a quick run. I'm not sure I fully trust Zoe, though.

And when will the shiny new location open in my neighborhood??? It looks to be soon.

I suppose if I don't get some sleep, all of this is a moot point, I won't feel like working out.

And then there's this no football thing tomorrow. Really the season is over. How did this happen? What will I fill my Sunday afternoons with until September?

Ok. I'll try to go to sleep now. I haven't had more than 5 hours of sleep at one time since Wednesday night. Thursday was 3ish, and even less on Friday night. I will sleep til 9am, check in on BB my road traveller, and maybe sleep some more if the girls let me.

G'nite. Thanks for letting me ramble...assuming you've read this far.

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