Thursday, January 23, 2014

Run #10

How much: 4.0
How long: 58:15
Where: LA Fitness treadmill/Evanston
When: at the crack a' dawn, in the mornin, when the rest of y'all were yawnin' (5:30-ish, ok not THAT particularly early)
January miles: 31.51

You might recall that Thursday mornings are the one weekday morning that I can go to the gym bc the girls are with their dad. I woke up for some reason unbeknownst to me at 3:50, did some work, and left out into the frozen world sometime around 4:45. When I arrived at the gym I decided to make picture-proof of the fact that I brought myself out to the gym in THIS kinda weather:

When I first arrived there were 6 of us, including gym staff. The one good thing about these bouts with extreme cold is that they've tested the resolve of the New Year's Resolution Gym-goers early. And by tested I mean tested and failed.

Anyway, I did a chest + tri workout for strength training and felt pretty awesome today. I moved up to the next "plate" in a tricep move I affectionately call "the ball buster." It's this move....

...with this doo-dad, the ropes with the balls on the end. Hence, the ball buster. A name I made up for a move BB gave me to do awhile ago.

Anyway, so after my weights stuff I made my way over to the treadmill. I didn't have to worry about parking costs, as street parking is free until 8am, so I really wanted to get in some decent time. (And yes, there will come a time in a few months that 4 miles is nothing--but for now, it's a LOT.)

So I walked a mile before getting to running. At first my knee hurt, but it faded away. Given my other recent runs, I was all set to be happy with 1.5. At 1.5 I felt pretty decent still so I went on to 2. Could I have gone further? Probably. And it felt ok. My knees didn't protest much, My mind almost found its way into that "zone." Remember a few weeks ago when I said that soon I'll be back to doing 2 miles easy? Almost there.

So anyway I walked one more mile as a cooldown and then was done. The running was at my solid old base of 12:00 minute miles, and I walked at 3.5mph.

And all of this with my sorta retired Asics. Maybe the good workout was because of them? ;)

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