Sunday, January 12, 2014

Living in fear while trying to reach your goals

The two don't mix. It's hard, if not impossible to actively engage in your fears if they are directly related to your goals. Time to let them go, right? Kinda thinking "out loud":

The thing about living in fear, whatever your fear is (pain or discomfort; failing or not hitting your exact goals; losing someone close to you; being hurt by someone; being misunderstood; not succeeding at work; not raising successful children into adulthood; random dangers of the world; et al) is that you can't live fully if you're living in fear.

The fear of what might be or what could happen plants seeds of negative feelings that take root in your happiness. In fear, you avoid change and taking action, because what if...?! You end up living a life based on what might happen instead of the here and now.

Stop it already, stop feeding your fears and giving them life. Be fearless. Chances are you'll know when you should really watch out.

Embrace the good in your life, envision success and happiness and achieving your goals. No one else can do that for you except YOU. It's up to you, and it's your choice.

Acknowledge your fears. Write them out if you have to. Put them in a little box or envelope. Seal them up. Look at that box or envelope each day and say "I won't feed you today!"

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