Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Cheesy reminiscing, but...

My littlest is about to be 8 on Friday. So 8 years ago this very night I remember holding my 1 year old Jada, rocking with her in the rocking chair in her room feeling super emotional.

Due to Jada's crazy birth (had her within an hour and 20 minutes in arriving to the hospital/doctors realizing I was some kind of rare "speedy labor" type), my doctor was nervous about waiting for labor and insisted on inducing labor prior to my due I was being induced on the morning of the 8th. Needing to arrive at 4:30am on 11/8, we'd made plans for Jada to spend the night of 11/7 with her grandparents. SOOOOO 11/6 was my last night with her.

And I just remembered being sad in a way, that this was my last night of it being just me and her, that our lives would change drastically. I feared that I would never again be able to devote the same amount of time to just her. I was sad bc although she sorta knew, as much as a 19-month old could understand that mommy's having a baby, she didn't really know that essentially "this was it." And I cried and cried as I held her while she slept.

Weird huh? Probably those pregnancy emotions/hormones.

But she has always handled it like a rock star.

Sigh. Love those girls.

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