Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thursday 13

13 Things about my run last night (run/walk):

13. I did not turn off the timer once.

12. My fastest mile was my first, at 12:18, and that includes waiting forever at lights to change (one at Broadway and another at Sheridan.)

11. My slowest mile was 15:26…which was a lot of walking.

10. I got a text from BB about 2/3 into my run that said “keep pushing, believe”…and so I did.

9. I did not listen to music one time. Just catching up on Steve Dahl podcast episodes.

8. It was hotter out there than I thought, due to the humidity. I foolishly wore running pants (better material than my capris) and regretted it.

7. 71 degrees. 97% humidity. When I got home, I wrung out a bunch of water from every article of clothing on me.

6. Have I told you I got new shoes? Back to my Brooks Adrenaline. With insoles even, so la-di-da!

5. Because of the slow run/walk and summer leaving us suckers by the wayside, it was really dark in my last mile on the lakefront, before making it back to the streets for the final mile of my run. I was wearing black, too. (dumb!)

4. My hip didn’t hurt finally. My knee felt a little tender at first but that subsided. In the last few miles, my left calf did that cramping/seizing up that my muscles do sometimes, as if to say “giiiiiiirl, now you KNOW you haven’t run anywhere near this distance since May, are you crazzzzyyyyyyy?” I kept going though.

3. You think about a lot of things when you’re out there running. But mostly I kept imagining where I was on the half marathon route and whether or not I will make it without getting kicked off due to course time limitations. I think I’ll be ok. And I wish I didn’t even have to think about that.

2. Did they stop making Plain GU? I can’t find it anywhere these days. If so, this will be flavor #2 of mine that’s bit the dust. The first was banana. At least there's still vanilla.

1. I had zero appetite when I finished. I did have some chocolate milk (good recovery drink,) but every sip of Gatorade, water or tea made me feel nauseous. I woke up at 3:30am and ate 2 hardboiled eggs. They were delicious.


Tracy said...

Keep on keeping on! Lindy l've been reading your blog for years every since that weight loss site...I'm getting old can't remember the name....know that you definitely have fans don't quit being you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Yes, those "old days" on...wasn't it or something? Some of my early race reports (column on the right) link back to that blog. Quite a few of us went on to other blogs, I've kept up with just a few though.