Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Extreme Weight Loss farewell for this season

It's the season finale for Extreme Weight Loss...and it's run its course for the year, I'd say. Still like it, but every show does have elements that are the same:

1. I have some really bad food habits. And some emotional issues too.

2. Oh crap, I didn't realize I weighed THAT much.

3. Working out like a fiend.

4. Learning how to eat to live, not live to eat.

5. Setback time (exercise intensity or slipping back into old food habits. Or both. How DARE you take advantage of this opportunity, think viewers 'round the world.

6. Crazily make up for slacking.

7. Hmm, did they lose enough for surgery? (Only one time do I recall someone not.)

8. The big reveal, gasping, $25k Walmart gift card (why is anyone surprised by this anymore, this is the 2nd season, if not all seasons that have had this. I mean I know we shouldn't expect gifts, but...)
But really...no really I love the show. But I'm ok to see it again later. Spring. Or summer. Besides, isn't it time for Biggest Loser? There's only room for one network weight loss show on tv. (According to my DVR.)

p.s. as I was writing this, something different happened. Dude's knee popped-AUDIBLY. Eewww and Ouch.

Gotta go now. My 7 year old is claiming the cat is talking to her.

p.p.s. No seriously. If I ever went on the show and didn't get a Walmart gift card it'd be hard not to act like "um hey...what's the deal, Chris?"


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