Thursday, August 1, 2013

This inspiration is brought to you by expensive women's athletic apparel

Call me shallow if you want, but the clothes at Lululemon inspire me! I walked past the Lululemon store and into my gym up in Evanston last night, knowing that by this time next year I will be showing off my shoulders in one of those shirts. Not wishing. Not hoping. Knowing. And then I had a kickass chest + triceps workout, with bonus reps for my legs and shoulders. (Bonus because they're weren't on my schedule for the day.) But it's not just Lululemon, but Athleta and Title Nine, too.

Look at this cute tank top!

And this one!

And you can't beat these reusable bags. This is where Lululemon beats out Athleta and Title Nine, all day everyday.

Anyway. Find inspiration wherever you can. You might need it when the going gets tough. I'll have to re-read this at some point. Or walk by Lululemon, meander thru the aisles at Athleta, or sift through a Title Nine catalog.

Speaking of which, Lou, why don't we sign up for the Title Nine 9k? I ran it last year (and wrote about it here) and the swag bag is pretty sweet (and earned a separate blog post found here. Chicks only, let's do it!

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