Wednesday, October 17, 2012

time traveler: back to a time when race goodie bags were called GOODIE BAGS for a reason!

so i went to pick up my race packet today for the Title 9K...and this dandy array is what i was treated with:

(I don't know WHY I CAN'T GET THIS TO POST HORIZONTAL....turn your head sideways, if need be.)

now honestly, i don't quite know when i stopped calling them goodie bags and began calling them for what they were--race packets. but Title 9 outdid themselves. THESE were the kind of goodie bags i recall in the late 90's early 2000's. nowadays you might get one or two samples (usually coffee and maybe some vegetable oil--yes...numerous times i've gotten vegetable oil--or some energy bar or something), and then a craptacular load of papers for this upcoming race and that upcoming race, and $10 off if you spend $50 at some random sports store. but this here? this is nice. i already know i'll be registering again next year.

the schwag includes:

-an awesome bag

-coffee (don't drink it but i hear this brand is decent)

-sweet potato tortilla chips

-Cascadian Farms cereal

-an issue of Women's Running Magazine

-a Larabar

-a Luna protein bar

-not one but TWO gu energy gels

-a sunbutter sample (HOLY MOLY!!! sunflower seed butter????? dayam!!!!!)

-a sample of sleepytime tea for kids (oh! my! gawsh! these people must know me!)

-biofreeze sample (i get these so much i'll never buy it. HA!)

-a title nine catalog

-some Mary Kay samples

-a super cute and comfy race shirt in pink

-my race bib. HOLY CRAP, #17???? i must have registered pretty early. i did, i found about the inaugural run only days after it happened last year and vowed to participate this year. loves me some Title 9, on the same level as i loves me some Athleta. anyway, i feel compelled to kick ass this sunday with that low of a number.

and here's the flip side of the bag.

how could you not love a bag like this? SWOON!! i believe in goodie bags again, y'all. if THEY can do it, why can't the rest of these race directors get it together??!!

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