Thursday, November 8, 2012

thursday thirteen: things that annoy me!

What's this? Oh, you thought the "Thursday 13" thing sorta implied it was a weekly post? (don't judge me...I'll do better. Since I'm feeling a bit antagonistic, here's 13 things that crazily annoy me, like anger level goes from 0 to 10 in mere seconds:

13. People who are waiting to turn in a turn lane at an intersection...the light is green...but they refuse to inch up into the lane, meaning that when the light turns yellow everyone behind you is screwed.

12. People who insist on reusing disposable utensils or cups.

11. Incessant gum snapping. INSTANT rage.

10. Conversion vans and large car window decals. I automatically suspect the driver of a litany of crimes.

9. People who insist on honking their horn to announce to someone that "your ride is here."

8. I strongly dislike the word beverage.

7. Those huge lawn decorations that are blown by those fans, like a big snowman.

6. The Rose (Bowl) Parade. I could probably name 99 other things I'd do associated with the lamest holiday on the calendar before opting to lay eyes on this parade of flowers.

5. People who express their disdain for fast food. Don't judge me because I can appreciate a Big Mac.

4. People who refuse to cover the food they put in the fridge. Ahhhh, greens for dinner, eh? Why that would make a fabulous refrigerator fragrance-freshener...said no one EVER.

3. Related, smelly lunches in the workplace should be illegal. Oh, tuna salad for lunch again, you don't say? That smell mixes fabulously with my lunch...said no one EVER.

2. Lame fonts. I saw an ad for a book on a billboard. Times New Roman? Can I get a little effort please? There are hundreds of thousands of fonts, if you're trying to sell me something, i don't wanna listen to the dual thinking in my head that's saying "I TOTALLY woulda use minya nouvelle font for this, it'd be just perfect!"

1. People that equate bad things with the devil: "the devil won't steal my joy!" or "the devil is a lie!" I shan't go on, before I offend someone.

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